Thursday, April 9, 2009

Oh! fish..

What have I written? Barely an hour after I proclaimed myself to the world that I'm a hippie with all that crude language, I'm retrospecting on whatever I have written.

Ahm, for one, the language used is pretty low-profile and for two, I'm pretty confused on those stance myself. I was caught up in that nasha of Dev D thingy and wrote all that. Maybe a part of it is true but not all of it. I'm not really so anti-cultural after all. I have some principles (approved by the 'society') and will follow them. And, I don't break rules on purpose. Just when rules act as an obstacle for my freedom yearning spirit.

But still, at heart, I'm an adventurer and at all times am constantly looking forward to discover myself. And life is still one heckuva journey for me..

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