Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Big Brain Theory

Ok. I have had this idea since a very long time and its high time I convert it into a full featured article. Now, what is The Big Brain Theory? Wait. I just googled the Big Brain Theory and found out that this is the name given to an absurd theory by cosmologists. This article has got nothing to do with it. This term has been coined by me. Anyway, the basis of this theory is that there exists a huge brain(or rather mind) across the universe or existence and all people's individual brains are connected to it. Puzzled? Lets say, the world wide web is a huge brain which contains all the information(read knowledge) in the world and each of our brains/minds are like tiny computers which have tiny storage capacities and which get the information when and how they need.

I don't even know how I stumbled across this idea. Maybe I read it somewhere. Or maybe I was thinking about something else and my mind took me upto this theory. I don't know. But ever since I have been thinking about this, it seems somehow true. This is more of a philosophical argument I suppose. Anyways, keeping the philosophy and metaphysics at bay, I'll try to 'reason' it out.

I'll give you two examples of why I believe it is true. One, if you have ever experienced deja vu, you'll know that your mind surpasses all known theories of time and space. There is a difference between dreaming and deja vu. The primary one ofcourse, is that dreaming depicts the psychological state of the mind. If you have been thinking a lot about something one day, you will most probably dream about it in your sleep albeit with your own modifications. Deja vu is more of that feeling wherein you actually see those images which are in no way related to you or your past. Its more like you are seeing things which you don't even know exist.

And two, have you ever noticed that your neighbour in the class blurts out the exact same answer which you have been framing in your mind? This has happened to a lot of people. I read somewhere years ago that this is a scientifically proved phenomenon. Its that every brain emits waves and when two brains are in close proximity, communication or transfer of information takes place. Sounds more like wi-fi, doesn't it? This ofcourse happens when your brain is in a very high state of energy and is beyond your control. As yogis and psychologists say, your brain is infinitely capable and that is why it is out of your control at times.

Anyway, if you look at the above two examples, two conclusions can be drawn. One is that mind is not confined to the time-space equation. And two, two brains can communicate. I have just taken the theory a bit further and this is what I propose. God or no God, when the universe was created, it was created for a reason. It was created because it was triggered by some other action. If we call this energy, it is the energy which is the cause of genesis and the sustenance of life. This One Big Brain or One Big Mind is just a metaphorical form of all the energy combined in the universe. Something, I suppose, like ether but with much more occupied area. Anyway, so all of us are a part of that huge Energy Sphere. So, it means that you can have all the knowledge in your universe in your mind or rather be the entire mind. Its that simple. So, when you have deja vu, you are looking into someone else's account of whatever has happened and when you can 'read' your neighbour's mind, it means that the both of you are searching in the same 'shelf'.Its more like two people google a question and click on the same page. And maybe, this theory has been thought upon by someone else and I'm probably using his resources right now. Probing 'his' part of the Big, Big Brain there is.

If you have noticed, I used a lot of computing terms in here. That isn't voluntary. They are the best examples I could find. Maybe someday, when we can successfully program the human mind into a robot, we'd know the secrets of the universe. This is that I call Open Source Programming(read Thinking).


  1. good!
    i like the 'open source programming' term... well used, monsieur..

  2. thank you madame! watcha think abt da theory?

  3. well, there is dangerous resemblance with the previous topic under 'zeroing in'...
    here yu are with the same concept that everything is co-related summoning with the start of the universe, with newer and refreshing characters plotted...
    i agree avec toi, darling.. only that we dunno the reason how it all started!!

  4. kya karu..i hav to keep on getting onto my first love..kuch aukath hi aisi hain :D

  5. heh.... Aadi dats a gud theory.Even i went through this eerie feeling as u call De javu, a lot before.I was eager 2 know abt it but can't make it through my laziness,anyways ur post satisfied me wid my confusion.gud luck..