Saturday, February 7, 2009

split personality me | The Journo Guy

This category, now, will be a means to satisfy my deepest be an out and out Journalist and uncover the truth, share my views and impose my ideas (and also be in running for the Pulitzer ;)). I'll be putting forth real-time, non-fictitious, eyebrow raising events and also my opinions on them.

All the views put forth will be completely personal and I hope I succeed in bringing forward my thoughts with clarity. I'm not just writing this for my dream to be a journo but also to satisfy my urge to share my feelings (and also, this may help me write for my diploma thingy!). Whenever I come across something really interesting or moving in a newspaper or a magazine, I'm filled with this energy to write about it and also tell everyone what I think about it and that is what I call the-urge-to-write.

Anyways, folks, the topics may range from Women Rights to Indian Cricket team's performance, from Global Warming to health tips. Oops! I forgot. Topics dealing with the environment, nature and global warming will be dealt in the section, "Going Green", starting pretty soon. And the more philosophically inclined topics about poverty and human social behaviour will be dealt in the section, "humanity".

So, get ready people! You are soon about to witness the most daring, honest and crude opinions on our news-makers. And trust me, if I can't change your opinion about something, I'll at least give your grey cells a tough competition and make you reconsider your views.

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