Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Musing On

Well, I'm a huge music-geek(if there's such a word). I mean, I'm not really good at singing and playing music(infact, I'm pathetic), but trust me folks, I have a great ear for music. I can make out good music from the not-so-good. And, I'm a huge listener of all kinds of music(atleast of all the kinds I know).

I listen to Carnatic, Hindustani, Filmy, Ghazals, Sufi, Rock, Pop etcetera. I mean, I don't care what's the music being played as long as I'm pleased with it. I listen to all the genres but only to the very-good. Anyways, this interest and Farhan's stint in Rock On, convinced me into learning to play the guitar. Yeah, I admit I also did it for the really cool look of playing the guitar, but hey, I also like playing it.

*Flashback*-Around 8 years ago, I was made to learn the keyboard, which turned out to be disastrous. I was neither a prodigy nor interested. And as you already must have realised from my previous posts, I consider myself to be a bit of a genius and like doing only those things which I think I'm born for. Anyways, for more information on this problem, please consult the "Alter Ego" section ;).

So, now, why so suddenly for the guitar and not for anything else. As I already mentioned earlier, I love the look of it. But to be honest, I'd have preferred learning vocal but I'm disgusted with my singing abilities(honestly, once in school I sang Vande Mataram in a wrong tune...Vande Mataram for God's sake)and learning a guitar is far more easier and a faster process.

I dream about it for months altogether and finally go and talk to an institute in DSNR. I don't really like the guy(and his galactic fee!) and so decide to go to this place called 'Melowings', in Nallakunta. Kruthi and Kishore are going with me(for obvious reasons ;)) and I joined classes on 16th dec, '08. So far, so good.

The lessons are pretty easy and I actually, for the first time in my life, am making an effort to learn something(I pat myself :D). A true effort. I'm not good as either of 'em, so it needs harder work on my part to keep going which I actually am. Feels good to be trying to achieve something. The sweetness of sweat(not literally! :O).

Anyways, here I go, playing Twinkle Twinkle, How can I leave thee?(that incidentally is the name of the tune). So, hold on folks, The Guitarist of Hyderabad(no reference to The Pied Piper of Hamelin :P) is in the making...


Unknown said...

its more than an year nw that u strtd learning hw abt a shw of urs;)??

sirish aditya said...

rofl! i quit in between..but i still practice sometimes.