Sunday, August 3, 2008

Santhu b'day party

he slapped me coz i wasn't smiling for da pic :(
da b'day bboi...
*smile* *smile* *smile* :D
decorating him for da pic :D
dat's kishore for u...he tries eating weneva he isn't busy getting his pics clicked :P

da end of da show

trademark raghav...we just luv him :D
khaana kum...foto khichwaana zyaada ;) da whole gang-viv...he was clicking da pic u c :D

i ran from behind an jumped onto kishore...wudn't let go off him until a pic was clicked :D

panchatantram :D
heights of creativity...(clockwise) me,viv,kishore..and all of us' legs (sharath and raghav extra)
a chimpanzee on an orngutan..not an everyday spectacle folks :D
dey took helluva tym deciding wat to cards r more interesting dat textbux, u c ;)
da occassion of da day...

'twas in paradise...both literally and figuratively..[:P]...
had da tyme of our was gr9 fun..
all of us flocked at the restaurant where hyderabad's best biryani is made..[:D]...
fulltoo maza aaya..
and den da walk on da road was amazing too...
everyone was in gr9 mood...adn we enjoyed lyk hell...
actually, we aren't CVRians...we r PARTY-HARDers...[:P]...

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