Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Are you not confident when you speak to women? Do you feel very nervous when you meet the girl you like? You feel your opposite sex cannot understand you? Do you need Professional help? Then, this man is the solution to all your problems-meet Alex Hitchens(a.k.a Hitch), the one-of-the-type "Date Doctor".

Will Smith plays the role of a professional who teaches his male clients the art of wooing women. He works with this simple philosophy to create hope in his clients-Basic Principles-Any man has a chance to sweep any woman off her feet;he just needs the right broom.

And this is where,he declares,he comes in. He helps his clients attract their secret loves and he promises that he can set them up in 3 dates-three dates is all he needs. And he always succeeds with that promise. He tastes success with each of his clients until he meets Albert Brennaman(portrayed beautifully by Kevin James) who virtually is disaster personified.

The movie basically revolves around how Hitch tries to teach Albert on impressing Allegra Cole(Amber Valletta) and his set of misadventures.Meanwhile, in this process, he falls in love with gossip columnist Sara Meles(Eva Mendes) who feels relationships are for those people who are waiting for something better to come along.

But when Sara finds out that Hitch is a The anonymous Date Doctor she has been trying to uncover,everything between them drowns straightaway. The film is basically about how Hitch wins his love as well as how Albert eventually ends up with Allegra.

In his most maverick role up-to-date, Will Smith fits into the shoes of Hitch perfectly. So do the two female protagonists but it is Kevin James who is the real winner. You cannot stop feeling for him as well as laugh your heads-off becaue the way he is. Although the film loses its plot in the last half-an-hour or so, you will appreciate the writer for the story and the beautiful dialogues written. Because in this feel-good movie, dialgues are of the pivotal role and I'm sure you will remember them long after you have seen the film.

It is not a melodramatic or a heart-wrenching movie but you will remember it because its really close to our hearts. The casting is spot-on and Smith's idea to cast Kevin James hits the bull's eye because no one else coud have done the role better. Be it the dance sequence where Hitch teaches him or when he shouts at his boss, James lives the role. The two ladies of the film have nothing much to do but they create the perfect ambience for the story to move on.

I suggest you watch this film as early as you can especially when you are a teenager because you'll understand that there's nothing such as professional help in the art of wooing women. And you will actually believe it when Will Smith says in the end,
Basic Principles- There are none.

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