Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I drew the above two cartoons when I was in my 2nd class or 3rd class...for the Disney Show on Sony...attached to the drawing was also a letter which goes like this - "Hai Vishal Brother, I watch Disnep hour everyday without missing. I enjoy watching them. My favourite cartoons are Duck tales, The little mermaid, Alladin, chip and dale and winnie the pooh. Bye From Sirish". :D...I knw i knw *blush*..and chk out da spelling of Disney in the letter...

one of the most loved characters of the century...redefined comedy...jst love him...28th sept, '08...took a lot of courage on my part to attempt drawing this...didn't want to spoil his charm...drew it in 20 mins...

Ganapathi Bappa Moriya :D...drew it in some 15 mins..loved the original pic...mine isn't that good but I hope it atleast resembles ganapathi(so, that's smthing of an achievement for me ;) )...8th sept '08...
drew it on 05-09-08..mah eternal fav...da geek of da geeks, da nerd of da nerds...Bahu Parat Bahu Parat :D

ok...i know I don't have to mention this is shaggy, thanx to his trademark beard ;)...08-09-08(DD-MM-YY)... :P

love this gal..aankhey teri, kitni hasi, key inka aashiq, main ban gaya hoon, mujhko basale inmey thu :D...08-09-08

drew it on 09-08-08...in 10 mins or smthing..and dat too on an OHP sheet :D
the name's bond...james bond... :D...drew it from a cartoon in a book in the MFCS period :">...hmm

i have to mention dis' tom and jerry....i know, im sorry chuck jones :D

da modified colour version...a li'l bit of post-production done :D

Goku from DBZ... :D

mah idol, mah icon...mah GAWD :D

to niv, priya and sugarcup ;) ... luv ye folks

mah signature :>

mah studio :">

was s'posed to be samurai jack...hope it atleast luks lyke some samurai

heya! dat isn't me :D

Early man/ Stone age phase of GARFIELD :D
Winnie the Pooh!!!
Jimmy Neutron...Well, was s'poed to be Jimmy anyway :">


  1. well...inspiration from great artists helps i guess...:)..or else how wud one manage to produce such a word true cartoon...[see:the first one]..:D

  2. Loved them all... Became an excited girl, dating back in past, longed to watch 'em all!
    But the sketches, paints and designs are awesome!

    Love you! :D