Sunday, April 6, 2008

'Happy Days' with Moni mama

I have seen the movie "Happy Days" yesterday....probably the last one to see it...after so long...Movie was good and interesting, but looked a little amateurish in terms of some acting...but overall good. Varun Sandesh (Chandu) looks like Siddhartha, Nikhil (Raju) looks like Manoj. Out of all, I liked Sophia (Shravs), Madhu (Tamanna), Varun Sandesh and more than all, Nikhil.In terms of story, it does NOT take you back to your college days (atleast not for me). It is a good story but does every friendship is Love ? I do not think so...I had lot of friends among opposite gender but I am sure I was not in love with all of them...yes, with one or two, it could be infatuation but each pair is love ? for thought..More importantly, I was thinking 5-7 years down the line of the movie....would they be equally close after that period ? I am no sure of that...once you start "living", you have additional responsibilities -- job, family, kids, parents etc...which take time away from your normal life..Probably that is the reason why student time is called ..."Happy Days".


This was written by my uncle, Shyam Mohan Avvari or Moni mama as I fondly called him. He passed away 15 days ago...He used to write a lot and got into blogging... this is his last post in his blog which he wrote on 14th march, a week before he died.

Perfection is an oxymoron..but if I ever knew a perfect man, it was he...he was like this great guy, sticking to the dictionary meaning of great. Everyone who knew him loved him and close to 200 people attended his funeral though it was in the US. He was a warrior in the truest sense of the word. He had a kidney failure in '98, had his legs operated in '02, his kidney failed him again in '05 and had a cardiac operation in '06. And ultimately, he succumbed to bleeding in his brain. Though living with such ill health, he kept everyone around him happy and merry, his wife and kid, our family and also gave large sums to charities, of which none of us knew until he left us. And other than keeping others happy, He enjoyed his life like no one ever did... And though he passed away at 37 he lived a million years loving and being loved...

I loved him and I still love him. And I feel so proud whenever someone compares me to him (we are very similar people, both physically and mentally). But We always had rows due to different opinions, so we never spoke for long periods of time hoping the other person to speak first. I have always been this stubborn asshole and I feel ashamed of it now. He always admitted defeat because he loved me more than any person...He cared for me and understood me when I had problems with my mum when I was adoloscent and stuff. He was a perfectionist in every respect and I'm very proud that I atleast learnt something from him...I'm very proud to be his nephew or rather his son...but I guess I never made him proud...and I never told him how much I loved him and how much he meant to me...I always waited and waited because I thought there would be time...Now I have to keep on waiting...

Don't get into rows and ego-clashes and unncecessary dogmas...and don't be stubborn in relationships...You never know what is going to happen the next moment...So, if you love someone, tell them right now...don't wait for the "right" never know if its gonna come or not...and live your life "right now"...

Don't postpone anything...or you'll have to repent for the rest of your life...

Happy Loving...Happy Living


  1. awwww.......its okk....dont worry about things and regret about sure ur uncle was always proud of, dont make him feel sad about things...i believe he is always there with you wherever he, lead a life like him and make him feel that he could bring about a difference in you and remain forever in you as aditya...a very emotional article...u dint let the essence go off it,right till the end...and a beautiful concluding phrase...go on buddy!!!! you have a great future...:]

  2. yes adi...your uncle was always proud of...maybe he never came out with it but he knew were the best at whatever you always had this spark in you ..i have never seen your so dull and really sorry about your mamayya,i never got to know him even thought i spoke to him tow or three times....,i consider that as a misfortune...,i dont cry very much ( cant believe im saying this ) i cried for around three hours after i found out about your uncle...i felt bad for kunni....sorry ra...,but everyone has to leave sometime or the other...he will always be there for you with he is watching over you from the heavens ....make sure u make a good impression ....sorry ra.. chinnu...take it as a challenge and become the true warrior just as your uncle...and live up to his expectaions... and make him proud to compare himslef with you.... and you will make him happy whereever he is...u can doin it mama.. i know u have it in of luck....rememberim with you whenever you need me...

  3. chinnu,

    Moni mama ninnu choosi garva padela edhuku. chaduvu lone kadhu, manavatvam lo kuda.

    What moni mama did for you, you do it for Kunni. Take care of her...

    I love you...


  4. I am touched buddy .. i am not that good at dealing with emotional situations .. but i m really sry abt ur uncle ... u r a gr8 friend nd a gr8 person .. nd dat i am confident abt cuz u r one of those whom i have trusted the most .. ur uncle waas a gr8 guy nd i m surprised that still there are such gr8 ppl .. i salute to him!! .. however .. life must go on buddy .. nd i know u r gonna follow his footsteps nd make him proud in future.. achieving a degree is not an achievement .. but people hailing u as a gr8 human being is a biggest achievement.. go on buddy .. u rock.. keep smiling


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  6. hmm speak the truth ..may be i had forgotten the fact that each coin has 2 sides..The emotional side of u was never to be seen(At least by me) feels sad that u've lost such a wonderful uncle but ..happens! Em also sure u will make every1 proud of u..may be u already started!
    Wishing You all the happiness buddy!